LOEWE Loewe Amazona 36 handbag suede / leather purple pink ladies [pre]

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Slightly dirty dirt on corners, there are some threads due to handle / bracket on the suede part.
There is no conspicuous damage on the inside, it is an item in a beautiful state with little overall feeling.
Outside: Surface: thread

Model Amassona 36 Product description Popular Amasona has arrived from Loewe.
A handbag featuring beautiful coloring of suede and leather combination.
It is a popular item with a simple design but luxury.
Capacity is also easy to handle, Recommended items you can use in various scenes !!
typeBrand bag
ColorPurple / purple / pink
MaterialSuede / leather
AW about 36 cm x H about 22 cm x D about 15 cm
pocketClosure type: double zipper inside: Fastener pocket x 1, button snap pocket x 1, open pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag, key, cadena, crochette

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