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Bottega · Veneta tote bag Hippopotamus PM Intore black black limited to 250 pieces

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Condition: somewhat attrition equipped., Moreover ,, pouch. Metal fittings. Somewhat damage. Is.

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Brand name: BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta)
Product name: Bottega · Veneta Tote Bag Hippopotamus PM Intore Black Black Limited Color: Black / Black Material: Leather Size: Approx W 45 × H 25 × D 14 cm / Handle Length About 44 cm Pouch: W 27 cm × H 16 cm
Accessory: / Pouch

Regardless of gender, popular Bottega Veneta!
It is the limited edition of only 250 pieces of "Hippo PM" which can be said to be the most popular among them.
Excellent storage capacity, it becomes a tote bag outstanding usability as a traveling bag.

Control number 42181
brandBottega Veneta
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeTote Bag
ColorBlack system / Black
AAbout W45 × H25 × D 14 cm / length of handle 44 cm Pouch: W 27 cm × H 16 cm

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