BURBERRY Burberry check pattern quilting shoulder bag canvas / leather beige metallic gray women's [pre]

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Outside, there are some type collapse.
Piping has threads in the leather part, scratches, scratches and wrinkles.
There are discoloration / small scratches on metal fittings.
There are some fuzz and light dirt on the canvas part.
Inside, leather parts are dirty and small scratches.
Although there is a feeling of use, you can still use it comfortably still.
Outside: Surface: Light dirt
Shape: Somewhat collapsed
Corner: Small scratches, light dirt, threads

Inner · Other: Inside: small scratch, light dirt
Metal parts: Small scratches, rust, fade away
Fastener part: small scratch

Type check pattern Model quilting Item Description Burberry shoulder bag arrival.
It is a rare design combining a classic popular check pattern with metallic gray leather.
There is a large gore, so you can use it as a mini Boston bag is excellent.
It is an excellent item you can use regardless of age.
Because it is an actual item, please purchase on this occasion certainly!
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorBeige / beige / metallic gray
MaterialCanvas / leather
AW about 38 cm x H about 19 cm x D about 14 cm
Shoulder: about 71 to 78 cm
Magnet button flap
pocketClosure type: inside the fastener: Open pocket x 3, zip pocket x 1
accessoriesKey, Crochette, Padlock

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