Furla Furla Poem Pouch 3 Pieces Set Shoulder Bag Leather Purple Khaki Women's [Pre]

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It is in a very beautiful state with unused items similar to a new one.
Because it becomes an exhibit, small scratches etc. may be attached at the time of exhibition.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Type Poem Model pouch Line three-piece set Product Description It is a set of Furla's shoulder bag and pouch.
Silver color to purple color The combination of metal fittings is very fashionable.
There are two kinds of pouches inside, and it is wide depending on the application An active success is expected.
How about reward for yourself?
Please do not hesitate to purchase on this occasion.
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorPurple / Purple / Khaki / Yellow
AAbout W 18.5 cm × H 15.5 cm × D 7.5 cm Shoulder About: 117.5 cm to 123 cm / M (Yellow) About W 14.5 cm × H 11.5 cm × D 4.2 cm S (Khaki type) Approximately W 11 cm × H 9 cm × D 3.5 cm

L (Purple) Fastener opening / closing type Inside: Open pocket × 1 M (Yellow) Fastener opening / closing ceremony / S (Khaki type) Fastener opening / closing ceremony
accessoriesstorage bags

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