BURBERRY Burberry check shoulder bag canvas / leather red ladies [pre]

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It is an unused exhibit item. It is a commodity in an unused beautiful state. The leather there is scratched. For exhibits, other small scratches may appear. Please acknowledge it.
Outside: Surface: Small scratch

Type check Product Description Burberry's Jute 2WAY shoulder bag arrived. It is a very fashionable gem that was lightweight and the check pattern was designed overall. It is also recommended for everyday use and outing as well as storage capacity.
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorRed / Red
MaterialCanvas / leather
AW about 26 cm x H about 33 cm x D about 20 cm
Handle: about 32 cm
Shoulder: approximately 81 cm
pocketClosure type: Hook bracket Inside: Open pocket x 2, zip pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage box, shoulder strap

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