BURBERRY Burberry plaid handbag canvas / leather khaki series unisex [pre]

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Only a slight angle thread is seen, and a small crack is seen in the steering wheel. Scratches and plating peeling can also be seen on the metal fittings, but there are no noticeable dirt on the surface. Although the inside has a thread scratch if you look closely, there is no conspicuous damage.
Outside: Surface: Light dirt
Handle · Strap: Small scratch, thread
Corner: Small Scratch, Thread

Inner · Other: Inside: small scratch
Hardware part: Small scratch, dullness
Fastener part: small scratch, dullness

Line check pattern Product Description It is an introduction of handbags from Burberry.
To the color of the khaki whose color changes with the adjustment of light The check pattern was given, and at the front, Since the logo is designed, brand appeal Perfect.
It becomes goods drifting luxurious feeling.
Rounded form is attractive.
The opening / closing opening opens wide, so you can put in and out quickly.
There are plenty of gore, so storage capacity is also outstanding.
Since it is one item in reality, it is first come, first served.
Do not miss this encounter by all means!
typeBrand bag
ColorKhaki / Green
MaterialCanvas / leather
sizeW about 30.5 cm x H about 24 cm x D about 9.3 cm
Handle: about 44 cm
pocketClosure type: double zipper inside: Open pocket x 1

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