LOEWE Loewe Amassona 36 Mini Boston 352.58 A 22 M Handbag Calf / Fakefar Dark Brown Women's [pre]

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There is just a little type collapse.
There are push marks of the steering wheel on the surface, but there are no noticeable dirt on the other surface, and it is beautiful.
There are slight small scratches on the metal fittings, but they are inconspicuous.
There are several scratches and wrinkles on the inside of the leather, there are no noticeable large damage, it is a relatively beautiful state.
There is no big noticeable stain on the whole, it is a beautiful gem.
* Inside tag part and initial closure on back side of crochette (NAO)
Outside: Shape: shape collapse
Handle · Strap: Dent

Inside · Other: Inside: thread
Metal part: small scratch

Type Amassona 36 Model Mini Boston Product Description It is an introduction of Ameasona 36 of Loewe.
Fine with fine texture is used luxuriously, it is a luxurious feeling drift bag.
Since gore is firm, there is also storage capacity, opening and closing mouth part opens widely, so loading and unloading of baggage is very convenient.
It is also recommended for everyday use, a little outing, during a small trip.
Part number (model number)352.58 A 22 M
typeBrand bag
ColorDark Brown / Brown
MaterialCalf / fake fur
AW about 36 cm x H about 22 cm x D about 15 cm
Handle: about 35 cm
pocketClosure type: double zipper inside: Open pocket x 1, zip pocket x 1, button snap pocket x 1
accessoriesCadena, Crochet key × 2

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