FENDI Fendi Maxi Ruppy Headband Stall FXT 021 Blue Multicolor Silk [Used]

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# Condition: generally conspicuous dirt, weaving scratch etc .. is not seen, but, slightly wrinkle, use impression.

■ Brand name: FENDI (Fendi)
■ Product Name: Maxi Rappy Headband Stall ■ Product No .: FXT021
■ Color: Blue Multi Color ■ Material: Silk ■ Size: (W180 × H13 cm)
■ Accessories: Storage Box ※ Those that are not listed in the Accessories section are not included in principle.
■ Remarks: Different patterns on both sides "Maxi Rappy" arrived! Wrapped around the neck, a belt, tied to the wrist etc Specifications are various ☆ It is recommended to use it as an accent to put on bags! One side is a flower pattern of blue base. On the other side, geometric pattern and stripe pattern are treated! Because you can also change the way to show how it is wound up ♪ enjoy it according to Corde ♪ [underground Shinsaibashi store]

Part number (model number)2106800315820 FXT 021
typeladies' fashion
typeBandana scarf
ColorBlue multi color
A(W 180 * H 13 cm)
accessoriesStorage box
Reference priceUSD 449.44
Item attribute3

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