CARTIER Cartier Trinity de Three color bracelet K18 pink gold jewelry gold ladies 【pre-owned】

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This item is finished already brand new. Although there are slight small scratches that can not be removed, it is a state that is almost unobtrusive to the naked eye and is in a beautiful state as a whole.
Outside: Surface: Small scratch

Type Trinity Do Model three color Product Description It is an introduction of Cartier's Trinity bracelet. It is a stylish design of the classic Trinity line. The familiarity of the skin is simple with a simple design, and directing around the arm casually gorgeously. Regardless of your age / fashion, you can patronize long.
typeBrand jewelery
typeBlur Rubbed
ColorGold / Gold
MaterialK18 pink gold jewelry
sizeTotal length: about 24 cm
3 steps adjustable
Total weight about 2.4 g

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