FENDI Fendi 2WAY pouch micro peekaboo 8M0355 shoulder bag leather magenta pink ladies 【pre-owned】

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It is a very beautiful item.
There are two crack cracks on the back metal fittings, and a little wrinkles are seen on the side.
In addition, it is very beautiful both outside and inside, and feeling of use is hardly felt.
It is a very beautiful and very recommended item on the whole.
Outside: Surface: wrinkle

Inner · Other: Metal part: Crack, dullness

Type 2 WAY Model pouch Line micropeaker Product Description Fendi 's popular item, 【Micro Piece Boo】 arrived.
It is one item drifting luxurious feeling that fine leather with very good touch was used.
The color of the pink system of a compact sense of size and dark eyes is very cute and fashionable.
As a pouch, oblique cliffs are possible with the included shoulder, perfect for fashion accents.
It is perfect for small outings and party scenes, so you can expect a wide range of success.
How about this opportunity ???
Part number (model number)8 M 0355
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorMagenta / Pink / Pink
sizeW about 15 cm x H about 11 cm x D about 5 cm
Handle: about 16 cm
Shoulder: about 125 ~ 136 (5 step adjustment) cm
pocketClosing type: Turn lock inside: Two card pockets
accessoriesStorage bag, shoulder strap

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