FENDI Fendi 2WAY pouch micro peekaboo 8M0355 shoulder bag leather magenta pink ladies 【pre-owned】

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It is a very beautiful item.
There are two crack cracks on the back metal fittings, and a little wrinkles are seen on the side.
In addition, it is very beautiful both outside and inside, and feeling of use is hardly felt.
Overall it is a beautiful and very recommended item.
Outside: Surface: wrinkle

Inside · Other: Metal part: Crack, dullness

Type 2 WAY Model pouch Line micro micropiece booth Product Description Fendi 's popular, [Micro Piece Boo] arrived.
It is one item drifting luxurious feeling that fine leather with very good touch was used.
The color of the pink system of a compact sense of size and dark eyes is very cute and fashionable.
As well as a pouch, oblique cliffs are possible with the included shoulder, perfect for fashion accent.
It is perfect for small outings and party scenes, so you can expect a wide range of success.
How about this opportunity ???
Part number (model number)8 M 0355
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorMagenta / Pink / Pink
AW about 15 cm x H about 11 cm x D about 5 cm
Handle: about 16 cm
Shoulder: about 125 ~ 136 (5 step adjustment) cm
pocketClosing type: Turn lock inside: Card pocket x 2
accessoriesStorage bag, shoulder strap

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