brand:Miu Miu

MIUMIU Miu Miu Round Fastener Coin Case Leather Brown Women [Pre]

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There are slight small scratches on the metal fittings, but there are threads, but they are inconspicuous.
There are a few threads and scratches inside, but it is inconspicuous.
It is a gem of recommendation in a relatively clean state.
Inside · Other: Inside: Small scratch, thread
Metal part: small scratch

Type Round Fastener Product Description It is an introduction of the coin case of Mumu.
Materase design is a very cute gem!
It can be stored in compact and small bags and pockets,
It is very convenient to carry.
It is easy to open and close with round zipper type, it is very practical.
There is no doubt that it will be useful if you have one.
How about this opportunity ???
brandMiu Miu
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typecoin purse
ColorBrown / Brown
AW about 10.5 cm x H about 8.5 cm x D about 2.5 cm
pocketClosure type: zip open pocket x 2
accessoriesSave box There is little damage.

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