TIFFANY & Co. Tiffany Byzayard Necklace K18 Yellow Gold / Diamond Jewelry Yellow Gold Women's 【Used】

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This item is finished already brand new. There are slight small scratches, but there are no conspicuous damage, etc. It is a product in a very beautiful state overall.
Outside: Surface: Small scratch

Type Byzayard Product Description This is an introduction of Tiffany's popular Byzaye necklace.
One grain diamond design directs the neck casually, gorgeously.
Because it is simple, familiar to the skin is also good, it is a necklace that suits everyone.
It is a design that is easy to use even in daily as well as gorgeous scenes.
One item I would like to have.
Regardless of trends and age, you can patronize long. Please do not hesitate to purchase on this occasion.
typeBrand jewelery
ColorYellow gold / gold
MaterialK18 Yellow gold / diamond jewelry
ATotal length: about 41 cm
Top W about 3 mm x H about 3 mm
Approximately 1.8 g
accessoriesStorage Box, Storage Bag

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