FENDI Fendi Zucca gradation 8N0114 pouch PVC green khaki ladies 【pre-owned】

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There is a slight collapse, a slight angle thread, there are small scratches on the metal fittings. Although there are some light dirt and wrinkles on the inside, there are no conspicuous damage or the like on the whole and it is a relatively beautiful state.
Outside: Shape: Somewhat collapsed
Corner: Thread

Inside · Other: Inner: Light dirt
Metal part: small scratch

Type Zucca Model gradation Product description Fendi's Zucca graduation pouch is in stock. It is a stylish pouch with graduated design with zucca pattern on durable PVC material. It is a compact size, perfect for small accessories, etc., it is an excellent one to carry in a bag etc.
Please do not hesitate to purchase on this occasion.
Part number (model number)8N0114
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorGreen / Green / Khaki
AW about 16 cm x H about 11 cm x D about 6 cm
pocketClosure type: Fastener

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