Omega OMEGA golden gold automatic winding wristwatch antique wrist watch K14 yellow gold / K14 yellow gold gold 0610 men's

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There are small scratches on the case.
Dial There are some dirt.
The plate at the 3 o'clock / 4 o'clock position of the dial is missing.
There are scuffs fuzzed on the belt.
Since there is no measurement of day difference etc., there may be errors etc.
【Type】 Pure gold
【Model】 Automatic winding watch
【Line】 antique
It is a genuine belt. The case will be K14YG solid.
typeMens watches
ColorSilver / Gold / Silver / Black
MaterialK14 Yellow gold / K14 yellow gold
AArm around: about 16 - 19 cm
CasesAbout 35 mm wide
Arm around: about 16 - 19 cm
Dial colorSilver
MovementMechanical Automatic

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