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LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton M 64064 Chain Wallet Pochette · Felice Monogram · Anplant Shoulder Bag Leather Women's

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It becomes unused goods. There is a slight wire crack in the metal fittings of the Pitch.
【Type】 Chain wallet
【Model】 Pochette Felice
【Line】 Monogram · Anplant
【Producer】 Italy
[Serial number] NZ4197
It is an amp plant leather Pochette Felice with two removable inner pockets. . If you remove the detachable chain, you can enjoy it not only as a wallet but also as a shoulder bag and clutch bag.
Part number (model number)M64064
brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorNoir / Black
AW about 21 cm x H about 12 cm
Shoulder: about 115 cm

Removable parts (zipped pocket / 8 pockets storage open pocket)
accessoriesStorage Box, Storage Bag

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