HERMES HERMES Drawstring Matelot Shoulder Bag Canvas Black Unisex [Pre]

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Sleeves on the leather part, peeling off, fuzzing,
There is dirt on the canvas part.
Although it is a product you can use enough, please refrain from those who do not understand secondhand goods.
Outside: Surface: dirt
Handle · Strap: Thread

Type purse string Line Materot Item description Drawstring shoulder bag arrived from HERMES.
Canvas material is casual and stylish bag.
Refreshing with shawl shoulder!
Excellent thing you can use as a backpack!
You can use it with unisex.
Do not miss this opportunity !!
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorBlack / Black
AW about 37 ~ 25 cm x H about 38 cm x D about 23 cm
Shoulder: about 74 cm
pocketClosure type: drawstring string

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