HERMES HERMES Drawstring Matelot Shoulder Bag Canvas Black Unisex [Pre]

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Sleeves on the leather part, peeling off, fuzzing,
There is dirt on the canvas part.
Although it is a product you can use enough, please refrain from those who do not understand secondhand goods.
Outside: Surface: dirt
Handle · Strap: ス レ

Type purse string Line Materot Item description Drawstring shoulder bag arrived from HERMES.
Canvas material is casual and stylish bag.
Refreshing with shawl shoulder!
Excellent thing you can use as a backpack!
You can use it with unisex.
Do not miss this opportunity !!
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorBlack / Black
sizeW about 37 ~ 25 cm x H about 38 cm x D about 23 cm
Shoulder: about 74 cm
pocketClosing ceremony: Purse string

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