CARTIER Cartier Engraved ring and ring Pt 950 platinum / diamond jewelry No. 5 silver ladies 【pre-owned】

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It is already finished already.
There are thin scratches to the extent that it is hardly noticed by the naked eye, but it is inconspicuous and it is a very beautiful product.
Type Engraving Product Description Popular series of Cartier, Engraved 1P diamond ring arrived.
It is an elegant item created with a simple design, high-quality material Pt 950 (Platinum).
1P diamonds shine crisply and shiny.
You can also use it as a pin key ring, it is a truly stylish item.
typeBrand jewelery
ColorSilver / Silver
MaterialPt 950 Platinum / Diamond Jewelry
sizeNo. 5 ring width: about 3 mm
# 45
Total weight: about 4.5 g

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