HERMES Hermes Rodeo MM Horse Charm Va Swift Blue Mart Poppy Women [Pre]

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It is an unused exhibit item.
Although a slight habit which seems to have attached at the time of storage can be seen in the tail, there is no other place to worry about.
Recommended gem in an unused and very beautiful state.
For exhibits, there may be slight minor scratches. Please acknowledge it.
Type Rodeo MM Model hose Product Description HERMES popular rodeo charm arrived.
It becomes a cute charm made of a horse which is a symbol of HERMES as a motif.
If you attach it to a bag etc, it will be one point.
It is recommended to have a luxurious feeling which is made of good material with good touch.
It is also a very popular item for collectors.
* For color and material, it becomes reference. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
typeBrand jewelery
ColorBroadmart / Blue / Poppies / Rouge Ash
MaterialVaud Swift
sizeAbout 100 mm x 135 mm

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