PRADA Prada 6 series logo 1PG222 key case leather NERO black unisex [pre]

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It is a very beautiful product.
It is an unused item in a beautiful state without scratches and dirt on the inside and outside.
※ There may be small scratches etc. at the time of display. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Type 6 ream Line logo Product Description The key case of Prada arrived.
The combination of fine black color and gold metal fittings is fashionable in a classy item with a high-grade leather embossed impression.
Simple design, regardless of gender or trend, can be favored by a wide range of people.
It is recommended for those who have a large number of key hooks and have a high storage capacity and many keys to carry from day to day.
How is it by all means at this opportunity ???
category Key case, key accessory
Product number (model number)1PG222
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typeKey case, key accessory
ColorNERO / Black / Black
sizeW about 10.5cm x H about 6cm x D about 1.5cm
pocketOpening and closing type: snap button
Two open pockets, six key hooks
accessoriesStorage box, guarantee

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