FENDI Fendi Mamma Bucket Zucchino 8BR001 Shoulder Bag Nylon / Leather Red Dark Brown Women's [Used]

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It is a very beautiful item.
There is a little wrinkle in the shoulder, and just a slight small wound / dullness can be seen in the metal fittings.
In addition, it is in a very beautiful state without dirt and scratches which are conspicuous both outside and inside.
There is little feeling in use, you can still use it enough from now.
Outside: Handle / strap: wrinkle

Inside · Other: Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Type Mumma Bucket Line Zucchino Product description Fender cute one shoulder bag arrived.
Popular, zucchino pattern is embroidered on the whole, it is a design that understands as Fendi at a glance.
Brilliant red color is stylish, it also becomes a point of fashion.
The size that the long wallet can fit firmly is highly practical, making it ideal for everyday use etc.
Moreover, it is light weight and shawl is also possible and it is convenient to carry.
How about this opportunity ???
category Shoulder Bag
Part number (model number)8BR001
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorRed / Red / Dark Brown
MaterialNylon / leather
AW about 24 (upper) to 28 (lower) cm x H about 20 cm x D about 11.5 cm
Shoulder: Approximately 43 to 55 (three step adjustment) cm
pocketClosing type: Magnet button inside: zipper pocket x 1

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