COACH Coach Pochette Signature Shoulder Bag PVC / Leather Beige Women [Pre]

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It is a beautiful product.
There are small scratches on the metal fittings, and you can see dirt on several points on the outside, but it is about the extent you do not know if you do not look well.
The inside is slightly dark at the top, but the rest is beautiful.
It is a recommended item that you can use enough from now.
Outside: Surface: light dirt

Inside / Other: Inside: light dirt
Bracket part: small scratch

Type pochette Line signature Product Description A cute shoulder bag for coach has arrived.
Very popular, it is a bag that can be seen as a coach at a glance at which the signature pattern was designed throughout.
The pale shades and slim form give a feminine impression.
The foldable wallet is of a size that can be stored securely, and the long shoulder makes it possible to diagonally bridge, making it practical.
Also, we use PVC material that is resistant to scratches and dirt, so you can use it for a long time.
How is it by all means at this opportunity ???
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder bag
ColorBeige / beige
MaterialPVC / leather
TheW about 26cm x H about 17cm x D about 4.5cm
Shoulder: about 109 ~ 122 (5 steps adjustment) cm
pocketRetractable type: Fastener outside: Open pocket x 1
Inside: Open pocket x 1

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