FENDI Fendi spy bag Zucca handbag canvas / leather khaki brown ladies 【pre-owned】

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It is a beautiful item without conspicuous dirt.
There are a few threads at the border and corner, slight dullness and small scratches are seen in the metal fittings.
There are also threads in other leather parts.
The inside is a beautiful state without particularly conspicuous dirt.
It is a beautiful item that you can use enough from now on.
Outside: Surface: thread
Corner: Thread

Inside · Other: Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Type Spy Bag Line Zucca Product description Fendi's mini spy bag arrived.
The combination of popular Zucca pattern and leather is stylish, there is a sense of quality.
Compact sense of size is pretty, lightweight and shawl is also possible, which is convenient for a little outing.
It is a design that you can patronize regardless of seasons and fashion.
How about this opportunity ???
category Handbag
typeBrand bag
ColorKhaki / Brown / Brown
MaterialCanvas / leather
AW about 19 (upper) to 26 (lower) cm x H about 13 cm
Handle: about 45 cm
pocketClosing type: Magnet button inside: Open pocket x 1

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