PRADA Prada Bijou 2 WAY Kanapa B24390 Tote Bag FUXIA Pink Women's [pre]

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It is a very beautiful product without conspicuous dirt.
There is slightly dirty on the back of the handle, slightly small scratches and dullness are seen on the metal fittings.
In addition, although there is scent slightly due to shape collapse / use on the whole, it is very recommended in the very beautiful state on both the outside and the inside.
Outside: Shape: Somewhat collapsed
Handle strap: Light dirt

Inside · Other: Metal part: Small scratch, dullness
Odor: There is a smell (not strong)

Type Bijou Model 2 WAY Line Kanapa Item Description Prada's most popular, 【Kanapa】 arrived.
The pink color canvas is decorated with luxury bijou and studs, it is a fashionable design.
The deep eye pink color is cute, it also becomes a point of fashion.
It is also possible to diagonally hook with the included shoulder strap, it is an excellent one that can be used properly according to scenes and uses.
Valuable items can be stored firmly, the size perfect for everyday use, you can expect an active in a wide range of scenes.
How about this opportunity ???
As it is a point item only, purchase as soon as possible !!!
category Tote Bag
Part number (model number)B 24390
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
ColorFUXIA / pink / pink
AW about 29 cm x H about 19 cm x D about 15 cm
Handle: about 32 cm
Shoulder: about 71 ~ 122 cm
pocketClosure type: Open inside: zipper pocket x 1, open pocket x 3
accessoriesGuarantee, shoulder strap, instructions

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