PRADA Prada round fastener quilting 1M 0506 long wallet nylon / leather IBISCO wine red ladies 【pre-owned】

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It is a very beautiful item.
There are slightly small scratches on the metal fittings, and only a little fuzz is seen in the stitch part.
It is a very beautiful state with neither outer nor inner side dirt and scratches.
It is very recommended for elegance like a new one.
Inside · Other: Metal part: small scratch

Type Round Fastener Line quilting Product Description It is an introduction of Prada's round zipper long wallet.
Prada's most popular, high-quality gem in which fine nylon material was used, it is a very cute gem that the plump quilting process was totally applied.
Logo is well designed at the front, brand appeal is also perfect.
The deep Bordeaux color is an elegant atmosphere, so it's simple design, so you can patronize widely regardless of trends and age.
Easy-to-use round fastener type, practicality is also very high, rich in pockets and excellent storage capacity.
How about this opportunity ???
category long wallet
Part number (model number)1 M 0506
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typelong wallet
ColorIBISCO / Red / Wine Red / Bordeaux
MaterialNylon / leather
AW about 20 cm x H about 11 cm x D about 2 cm
pocketRetractable type: zipper wallet x 3, zipper closure coin purse x 1, card pocket x 12, open pocket x 3
accessoriesStorage bag, guarantee

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