HERMES Hermes Levant Cattle Coin Case Coin Purses Blue Jean (Silver Hardware) Vaux Epson □

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■ Condition: Overall it is beautiful
There are some threads in the corner and the bracket
There is thin dirt

■ Brand name: HERMES (Hermes)
■ Product name: Levan Cattle Coin Case Coin Purses
■ Color: Blue Jean (Silver Hardware)
■ Material: Vaux Epson
■ Size: about W 9.5 × H 7 cm
■ Pocket: For wallet / coin change × 3
■ Inscription: □ I inscription (manufactured in 2005)
■ Accessories:-
※ In principle, items not listed in the accessories column are not included.
■ Remarks: The design is easy to open large change is easy to take out! Unisex Blue Gene Color ♪

Product number (model number)2104101615045
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typecoin purse
ColorBlue Jean (Silver Hardware)
MaterialVaud Epson
sizeAbout W 9.5 × H 7 cm
Reference priceUSD 538.26
Product attribute3

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