Hermes Evelyn 2 PM Shoulder bag Towel Ash Leather Etude □ K time

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Condition: a little. Thread. Is., Use impression less little beautiful condition is.

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Brand name: HERMES (Hermes)
Product name: Hermes Evelyn 2 PM Shoulder bag Towaru Ash Leather Etuo □ K engraved color: Brown series / Etude × Silver hardware Hardware material: Twal ash × Leather Size: About W30 × H29 × D 8 cm / Shoulder length Approximately 92 cm
Marking: □ K engraved (manufactured in 2007)
Accessory: Storage bag

☆ Impressive punching of "H" in front in a sophisticated form ☆
It is also recommended for going out shopping etc. with easy-to-use design ♪
Also, as this item will be difficult to obtain Ethoopu color purchase as soon as possible!

Management number 42297
typeBrand bag
typeDiagonal shoulder
ColorBrown system / Etuop × Silver hardware
MaterialTowaru Ash × Leather
AApproximately W30 x H29 x D 8 cm / shoulder length about 92 cm
accessoriesstorage bags

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