BVLGARI Bulgari monologue ring / ring K18 pink gold jewelry No. 10 PG ladies 【pre-owned】

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Product control number (product URL):2658-vv-00635-ys
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Although it is finished newly, but it looks through the lens, I can see some small scratches and kusumi. It is not conspicuous with the naked eye. Though it is a gem superb enough to satisfy, please refrain from those who do not understand secondhand goods
Inside · Other: Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Model Mono Logo Item Description Bulgari's exclusive ring "Monoglogo Ring" is the emergence! Impactful thick ring! Individual and popular brand ring! It is fashionable even for a pendant top! Ring-popular ring regardless of gender! Popular items as long as stock is an early winner! Do not miss this opportunity!
typeBrand jewelery
ColorPG / Pink
MaterialK18 pink gold jewelry
ANo. 10 ring width: about 9 mm
Ring inner diameter: about 16 mm
Notation: # 51
Gross weight: Approximately 12.2 g

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