ROLEX ROLEX Precision diamond bezel 27P diamond K18 white gold hand winding ladies silver dial plate wristwatch [pre] rank

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Product control number (product URL):9860-14053001
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  • second hand A-rank
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Body: A-
Belt: B +
Details: It is an overhauled item at our shop.
Body case: There are fine scratches on the back cover part
Belt: There are small scratches
Dial: With corrosion
Model name: Precision serial: 2359 ***
Series: cal.1400
Line: Diamond bezel 27P diamond Other: Please do not hesitate to contact us for any parts you do not understand in the image.
typeWomen's Wrist Watch
Material18K white gold
sizeArm around: about 17 cm
Band width: about 1.55 cm
Case sizeAbout 22 mm in length x 22 mm in width
Arm around: about 17 cm
Band width: about 1.55 cm
Case thickness: about 8 mm
Dial colorSilver
MovementHand Winding
weight52.6 g

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