ROLEX Rolex 18238 A 750 Yellow Gold × Diamond Champagne Dial Face Men's Watch [Used] AB Rank

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Body: AB
Glass ... There are small chips on some edges.

Bezel · · · It is finished but there are several small scratches.

Bracelet · · · Since it is finished, there are no noticeable scratches or dents, but there are small scratches.

Inner box · · · The part stopping the watch is damaged, we have missing item.
Product Description: Automatic volume Day date 10 point diamonds Operation checked at our company Overhauled and finished in our business partner workshop
Others: Total weight: 137.8 g

Please do not hesitate to inquire about the part not understood by the image.
Part number (model number)18238 A
typeMens watches
ColorYellow / champagne dial
Material750 Yellow Gold / Diamond
sizeArm around: about 18.5 cm
Case sizeVertical Approx. Mm x Width Approx 36 mm
Arm around: about 18.5 cm
accessoriesInner box

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