TIFFANY & Co. Tiffany Gene Schranzeze Cross Necklace 925 Silver Accessories SV Women's [Used]

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There are slight small scratches, dust and dirt in the head part, there is a dent due to scratches in one place, but it is not conspicuous damage.
There are also some small scratches and kusumi on the plate of the chain, but it is a recommended item of relatively clean state as a whole.
Inside · Other: Metal parts: Small scratches, light dirt, dullness

Type Gene Schranze Model Cross Product Description It is an introduction of Tiffany's Jean Schuran Baase Pendant Necklace.
It is fashionable design with a cute cross motif with a plump volume and colon.
It is a nice design that is perfect for daily use.
There is no doubt that it will be a big success with becoming one point of coordination.
Come on to one point of fashion, how about you ??
As it is an actual item, please purchase as soon as possible.
typeBrand jewelery
ColorSV / Silver
MaterialSilver 925 accessories
ATotal length: about 41.5 cm
Top W about 15 mm x H about 20 mm
accessoriesStorage box, storage bag There are some damage.

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