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Engraving: Pt 950 stone engraving No detail Remarks: Simple design makes it easy to match jewelry regardless of the scene or dress. Diamond quality will be G color / VS up class (our view).
ColorSilver platinum color
MaterialPt 950 diamond
ASize Details: Item Name: Solitaire / Solitaire / Solitaire
Gold: Pt 950
Gram: 1.2 g
Number of stones: 1P
Parentstone: (0.11 + 0.11) 0.22 ct
Shape: Round cutting style: Brilliant setting: 4 claw jewelry Remarks: ※ stone weigh is estimated
[Size (about below)]
Main stone dimension (H × W viewing size): 3.1 mm
Motif: H 3.2 mm × W 3.2 mm × D 12.4 mm
Post length: 10.0 mm
Expert opinion (discrimination letter): None
Detachable: Catch type
Stone(0.11 + 0.11) 0.22 ct
accessoriesOuter box (dirt on the bottom side) Cosmetic box (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, only those taken in the photograph are attached.

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