Tiffany Elsa Peretti · Byersard / DBY 1P · Diamond Necklace / K18YG / 750-1.8g / FD: 0.06ct / TIFFANY & Co. ■ 211679

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Engraving: AU 750 Peretti
Further remarks: Byzayard is a collection designed by Elsa Peretti in 1976. It is a simple simple design that carefully selected high quality diamond set 1 bezel setting, it is easy to match with scenes and fashion jewelry. It is proud of its popularity in a wide range of age groups as a staple item that makes Tiffany's diamonds familiar.
(* The top has been stamped out and there is a case that the curette will hit the skin without design, but it can be used without worrying when using it.)
ColorGold Yellow Gold
MaterialK18YG / 750 diamond
ASize Details: Line: Byersard / DBY
Gold: K18YG / 750
Gram: 1.8 g
Number of stones: 1P
Aside: estimated 0.06ct
Shape: Round Cutting Style: Brilliant Setting: Bezel Setting / Cover Clasp
[Size (below about)]
Oval stone dimension (H × W viewing size): 2.6 mm
Top size: H 3.7 mm x W 3.5 mm x D 1.6 mm
Detachable: impossible
Total length of chain: 39 cm
Chain width: 0.1 cm
Adjuster: None
accessoriesOuter case Drawstring bag (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, only those taken in the photo are included.

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