Tiffany Paroma Picasso · Loving Heart Heart motif · Band ring · Ring / Sv 925-4.3 g / 11.5 / Silver / TIFFANY & Co. ■ 211600

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Engraving: 925 Paloma Picasso
Further remarks: "Paloma Picasso" popular rubbing heart collection of design. An asymmetric (asymmetric) heart is impressive, but the bigger one represents men, the smaller one represents women, and the men and women's cuddling figures are represented by hearts. For this reason rubbing heart is said to be a symbol of love.
ColorSilver Silver
ASize Details: Line: Loving Heart motif: Heart motif Gold: Sv925
Gram: 4.3 g
Ring size: 11.5
[Size (below about)]
Ring width: 3.7 - 8.2 mm
Resizing: Request consultation
【please read】
Usually up to ± 4 is possible, but even if it is "possible" it will go back and forth by design, and the price will also change accordingly.
Please read the usage guide first, please purchase after inquiry and estimate.
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