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New finished already finished ★ (* Because I think the spring of the detachable hook is sweet, I think that I feel somewhat incompatibility at the time of detachment.Please only purchase those who can understand.)
Engraving: 925 Peretti
Further remarks: One of Tiffany's popular collections designed by Elsa Peretti, Teardrop is an impressive jewelry with a "drop" motif reminiscent of tears and rain, a feminine soft curve elegant and elegant It becomes a design. The teardrop contains the thought of the designer, Mr. Peretti who designed Tiffany's symbolic open heart came from his own experience that when tears change to jewelry, they change to shine and overcome sadness.
ColorSilver Silver
ASize Details: Line: Five teardrop golden: Sv 925
Gram: 5.1 g
[Size (below about)]
Top: H 9.3 mm × W 4. 3 mm × D 4. 3 mm
Arm around: 17.5 cm
Width: 0.1 cm
Adjuster: None
accessoriesOuter box (thinly dirty overall) Drawstring bag (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, only those taken in the photo are included.

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