Cartier 2C Bangle 3 Color Bracelet Women's

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Damaged place: Surface) Small scratch on the extent that it can be confirmed by adjusting the light) Back side) Small scratches that can be confirmed by adding or subtracting light
It describes the size when assuming that the bracelet was connected to the inner circumference. Width about 16 mm - 19.5 mm
Spec 1: -
Spec 2: -
Spec 3: -
Spec 4: -
Spec 5: New finished finished type: 2C bangle 3 color warranty: 1 month
typeBrand jewelery
typeBlur Rubbed
MaterialK18 Yellow Gold / K18 WG / K 18 PG
AInner circle: about 19 cm
Band width: about 16 mm
weight35.4 g

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