COACH coach folding cross grain F52689 long wallet leather light purple women's [pre]

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It is a very beautiful item.
There are slightly small scratches on the metal fittings, but when you look good you can not notice it although there is one thread at one place on the surface.
Inside, leather peeling a little can be seen in the bottom part of the wallet, but this is not so conspicuous as well.
It is a very beautiful and very recommended item on the whole.
Outside: Surface: thread

Inner · Other: Inside: thread, peeling
Metal part: small scratch

Type Folded Line cross grain Product description The cute and foldable wallet with coach arrived.
Pale purple color is very cute, elegant and stylish design where the logo became a one point.
The flap has become a popular signature pattern, it is cute to see when opening and closing.
It is a specification with coin purse on the outside, it is very convenient to take out the money.
How about this opportunity ???
category long wallet
Part number (model number)F 52689
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typelong wallet
ColorLight purple / purple
AW about 19.5 cm x H about 9 cm x D about 2 cm
pocketRetractable type: snap button card pocket x 8, open pocket x 1, wallet x 1, outside fastener pocket x 1

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