LOEWE Loewe accessory pouch handbag shoulder bag PVC / leather pink ladies 【pre-owned】

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I see shape collapse / fold wrinkles.
There are slight fading and threads on the surface angle, but noticeable scratches and dirt are not found on the other surface.
Light dirt can be seen in the inner part, but it is not as prominent.
Scratches and dirt on the metal parts.
Although there is a feeling of use, there is no big conspicuous damage, it is a gem that you can use well enough.
Outside: Surface: threads, wrinkles, fade away
Shape: shape collapse

Inside · Other: Inner: Light dirt
Metal parts: scratches, dirt

Type Accessory Pouch Model Handbag Product Description It is an introduction of the accessory pouch of Loewe.
To the colorful pink color, the front was decorated with a logo cadena, casually brand appealing patchy.
Minimal valuables etc can be stored while small.
Because it is strong against rain and dirt with PVC material, you can patronize it for a long time.
category Shoulder Bag
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorPink / Pink
MaterialPVC / leather
AW about 23 (top) - 21.5 (bottom) cm x H about 15 cm x D about 10.5 cm
Shoulder: about 45 to 53 (5 step adjustment) cm
pocketClosure type: inside zipper: open pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag, key, cadena, clochette

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