Amulet Extra Small Ring 1PD Pearl

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Louis-François Cartier established in France in 1847. Cartier's willingness to create creates overwhelm the competitors and continues to have great influence. Even now, Cartier who is making innovative attempts while leaving behind-the-same traditions in future generations. That sophisticated modern product still shines the hearts of women without changing. From such Cartier "Amulet Extra Small Ring" has arrived. The goods state is a very beautiful goods with new finished goods. Please acknowledge that there may be small scratches, threads etc due to exhibition ※.

Brand name: Cartier (Cartier)
Product Name: Amulet Extra Small Ring 1PD Pearl Size: Ring Size 9.5 / Engraved # 50 / Motif About H 12 mm
Weight: 3.1 g
Accessories: Guarantee / Case

S New finished already (there may be small scratches that can not be polished)
Part number (model number)5104094-842100013
typeBrand jewelery
ARing size 9.5 / engraved # 50 / motif about H 12 mm
weight3.1 g
accessoriesGuarantee / Case

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