Fendi Pekaboo Large FF Logo / Zucca / Handbag / 2516 - 8 BN 210 / Black × Gold × Silver / FENDI Next Day Delivery Available ■ 212166

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[Outside] Scratches on the metal fittings, several threads on the bottom, some small white dirt in places, some color glow
[Inside] Darkening in opening and closing mouth, with some solid sticking due to aged deterioration as a whole
[Steering wheel] Barge baldness and fluffing as a whole
[Corner] Bottom corner Sled ※ The included shoulder strap is missing
Production Number: 099 / CA1048355
Part number (model number)2516-8 BN 210
ColorBlack Black × Gold × Silver
ASize Details: Item Name: Peekaboo Large Motif: FF Logo / Zucca
[Size (about below)]
Size: H 30 cm × W 38/41 cm × D 14 cm
Holding hand: 29.5 cm
Opening and closing: Turn lock type
Fastener pocket: 1
Card pocket: 1
Partition: Yes
B4 compatible
accessoriesNone (For accessories, only those with descriptions, those that are taken in the photo are included.

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