FENDI Fendi 2804 · 11847 · 098 wallet leather black men's [pre-owned]

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Product control number (product URL):2658-is-02348-2-hn
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It is a wallet with a feeling of use overall. Collapse / wrinkles are seen and there are a few threads in several places such as corners. There are small scratches on the metal fittings, there is little rust, thin dirt on the inside, push marks on the cards, threads, wrinkles are seen. Although there is a feeling of use overall, it is still in a state you can use.
Outside: Surface: Small scratches, wrinkles
Shape: Somewhat collapsed
Corner: Thread

Inside · Other: Inside: thread, dent
Metal parts: Small scratches, rust

Product Description Fendi is an introduction of two folds long wallet! High-quality leather and an elegant gem with a chic color of black color. It is bulky even when put in slim pockets etc., it is a very convenient item with abundant pockets.
category Wallet · Money Clip
Part number (model number)2804 · 11847 · 098
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeWallet · Money Clip
ColorBlack / Black
AW about 10 cm x H about 16.3 cm x D about 1 cm
pocketOpening ceremony: Open wallet x 1, open pocket x 1, card pocket x 16

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