TIFFANY & Co. Tiffany Atlas Necklace 925 Silver Accessories Silver Women's [pre]

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It is already finished already.
Although there are slight small scratches and dogs, there are no conspicuous damage, etc. It is a very beautiful state as a whole.
Inside · Other: Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Type Atlas Product Description Tiffany's Atlas Necklace is in stock. It is a fashionable pendant necklace of the popular Atlas series. You can use it in a wide range of scenes recommended for one point of fashion.
Regardless of age / fashion, it is a gem that you can patronize long.
Because it is an actual item, please do not hesitate to purchase on this occasion.
typeBrand jewelery
ColorSilver / Silver
MaterialSilver 925 accessories
ATotal length: about 40.5 cm
Top W about 18 mm x H about 18 mm

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