GUCCI Gucci 231841 Men's Ladies Logo Plate Gucci Shima Folded Long Purse Long Purse (Coin Purse available) Leather Dark Brown Unisex

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There are wrinkles in some places. There are some fading on the strap. There are small scratches and rubbing on the metal part, but there is no big damage.
Outside: scratches, dirt, wrinkles, fade away
Inside: scratches, dirt, wrinkles
【Model】 Logo plate Gucci Shima
Men's Women Folded wallet
Part number (model number)231841
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorDark brown
AW 19 cm x H 9 cm
pocketClosure type: Snap button inside: Open pocket x 2, wallet x 2, button coin purse x 1, card pocket x 7
accessoriesStorage box

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