CHANEL Chanel round wallet black × silver caviar skin [pre] [rank B] ​​women's

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Product control number (product URL):3777-2102500477035
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■ Condition: Slee and fall color hook on corner and helicopter a considerable loose surface Small scratches on the surface There are marks to be used in many card pockets

■ Brand name: CHANEL (Chanel)
■ Product Name: Round Purse ■ Color: Black × Silver ■ Material: Caviar Skin ■ Size: About W19 × H10cm
■ Pocket: for wallet / wallet × 1 / coin entry × 2 / for card × 16 / other × 2
■ Accessories: Guarantee / Serial seal ※ Those that are not listed in the accessories column are not included in principle.
■ Serial number: 16391001
■ Remarks: It is a long wallet of specifications to enter a lot of coins and cards 【Toyota store Okubo】

Part number (model number)2102500477035
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorBlack x Silver
MaterialCaviar skin
AAbout W19 x H 10 cm
accessoriesGuarantee / serial seal
Reference priceUSD 1,125.45
Item attributeFour

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