CHANEL Chanel accessories rubber bracelet orange rubber [pre] [Rank B] ​​Women

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■ Condition: In some parts of the metal fitting part, there is a small scratch In some places in the rubber part, there are small scratches, stains

■ Brand Name: CHANEL (Chanel)
■ Product Name: Accessories Rubber Bracelets ■ Color: Orange ■ Material: Rubber ■ Size: Approximately 17cm around arm (arm around 15cm-17cm width 1.5cm)
■ Accessories:-
※ In principle, items not listed in the accessories column are not included.
■ Remarks: It is a lovely fashionable bracelet of rubber type. 【Chiryu store Watanabe】

Part number (model number)2175900022266
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typeBle Rubbed T
The17cm around the arm (15cm-17cm width 1.5cm around the arm)
Product attributeFour

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