PRADA Prada 1BG 068 Nylon × Leather NERO Black Ladies Handbag [Pre]

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Outside: There is rubbing on the whole.
Horn: There is rubbing.
Bottom: There is rubbing on the rim.
Inside: There is considerable rubbing.
Shoulder: There are rubbing and wrinkles.
Handle: There is considerable rubbing, there is fraying and damage at the base.
※ There is overall usability and damage.
Country of origin: Italy
Others: Please do not hesitate to contact us for parts that you do not understand in the image.
Part number (model number)1 BG 068
typeBrand bag
ColorNERO / Black / Black
MaterialNylon / leather
AH about 220 mm x W about 295 mm x D about 160 mm
Handle: about 32 cm
Shoulder: about 118 ~ 128 cm
pocketInside: Fastener pocket x 1, magnet type pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag, shoulder strap card

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