Gucci micro Gucci Shima · Long wallet with translation / 203550 / blue gray series × gold / GUCCI next day delivery possible ■ 212576

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[Outside] Overall discoloration, overall beads and baldness, metal fittings overall, thread collapse (bulging), slight loosening on the heart side snap button
[Inside] White dirt on the wallet
[Coin purse] Overall white dirty
Production Number: 534563
Detail Remarks: Because there is a strong feeling (damage), I will consider it as "with translation". There is no problem with use and it will be in a state you can use.
Part number (model number)203550
ColorGray Blue Gray × Gold
MaterialEmbossed leather
ASize Details: Line: Micro Gucci Shima
[Size (about below)]
Size: H 9.5 cm × W 19 cm × D 3 cm
Opening / closing: snap button type
Wallet: 2
Purses: 1
Card holder: 7
Free pocket: 2
accessoriesNone (For accessories, only those with descriptions, those that are taken in the photo are included.

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