HERMES Hermes Schöne Dankle scarf closure scarf ring GP gold women [pre]

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Although there are fine line scratches and a few Kusumi on the whole, it is a level that you do not mind with the naked eye.
There are no other noticeable signs of this,
It is an item that you can use it in a very beautiful condition.

Outside: Surface: small scratches

Inside / Other: Bracket part: dull

Model Chene Dunkel Line scarf clasp Product Description From Hermes, it is the introduction of the chen d'uncle scarf ring.
The design of the Chene Dunkle motif is full of elegance and luxury like a Hermes! !
If you hold one, it becomes an accent of everyday Corde, it shines beautifully and produces it elegantly.
As there is only one actual item, you can purchase early! !
typeBrand accessories
typeScarf ring
ColorGold / Gold
MaterialGold Plated
TheInner diameter: about 2 cm
accessoriesStorage box, storage bag

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