FENDI Fendi Mamma Bucket Shoulder Bag Leather Red Ladies 【Pre-owned】

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There are some cracks and chips in the hardware part of the front logo, there are light dirt and stain on the surface and possession.
Square threads and some type collapse.
Small scratches on the metal fittings are seen.
There are a little dirt on the inside, fuzz and Hotsure is seen a little.
The logo metal fittings are leaving the film attached.
Although usual use is possible, there are times when there are damage that can not be described because it is a product with a feeling of use.
Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
Outside: Surface: Light dirt, breakage
Switching part: thread
Shape: Somewhat collapsed

Inside · Other: Inner: Light dirt
Metal part: small scratch

Type Mumma Bucket Product Description It is an introduction of Fender Mumma Bucket Shoulder Bag.
For a bit of going out, of course, you can use it for party scenes.
Regardless of age and epidemic, you can patronize long.
As it will be limited to one point, please by all means on this occasion!
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorRed / Red
AW about 25.5 cm x H about 14 days cm x D about 4 cm
Handle: Approx 31 ~ 42 (3 hole adjustable) cm
pocketClosing type: Magnetic type inside: Fastener pocket x 1

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