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Beauty item Ferragamo trench coat men's navy size 46

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Condition: There are a few threads, but there is not much use feeling overall and it is in a very beautiful state.

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Brand name: Salvatore Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo)
Product Name: Beautiful Ferragamo Trench Coat Mens Navy size 46
Color: Blue / Navy material: Outer fabric: Polyester 98% Polyurethane 2% Lining cloth: Nylon 58% Polyester 42% Filling: Polyester 100%
Size: clothing tag 46 / flat putting size about shoulder width 45 × garment width 49 × dress length 86 cm
Accessory: / body only

* Because it is overseas size, Japan size and size are somewhat different.
Since we are measuring the actual size, please refer to it for your purchase.

Control number 41136
brandSalvatore Ferragamo
typeMen's Fashion
typetrench coat
ColorBlue / Navy
sizeClothing tag 46 / flat putting size About shoulder width 45 × garment width 49 × dress length 86 cm
accessories/only a main part

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