brand:Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo loafers black leather [pre-owned] [rank]

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■ Condition: ※ It is unknown because the size representation is dimmed
There is a feeling of use.
There are rubbing, small scratches, wrinkles.
There is dirt on the insole.
There are small scratches on the metal fittings and some dirt.

■ Brand name: Salvatore Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo)
■ Product Name: Loafers
■ Color: Black
■ Material: Leather
■ Size: ([Mens] total length: about 31.5 cm × width: about 10 cm)
■ Accessories:-
※ In principle, items not listed in the accessories column are not included.

Product number (model number)2107600654102
brandSalvatore Ferragamo
typeMen's Fashion
typeOther shoes
size([Mens] total length: about 31.5 cm × width: about 10 cm)
Product attribute4

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